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Algorithms Talks at DTU: Slight reschedule and one more.

The previously announced algorithms talk has been moved 45 min. There is also now another talk immediately afterwards by Jesper Kristensen, who also did 02283 a few years ago. Both talks are closely related to topics that will appear later in 02283. See the full announcements here:





Algorithms Talk at DTU

Morten Stöckel will visit to give a talk DTU in two weeks. Morten took 02283 in 2009, did a master thesis on algorithms, and is now a PhD student at the IT University of Copenhagen. Morten will present paper (to appear at LATA 2012) based on the work he did during his master thesis. The full announcement is here:



Mandatory Exercise Hand-In Guide

A few students were confused about the mandatory exercise formalities. That’s ok for the first week. However, to efficiently process the huge number of hand-ins please adhere to following very simple rules for the rest of the course:

  • Hand-in through Campusnet no later than sunday 19.59. The exercise will close for more hand-ins shortly after that. To be 100% fair, I will not accept later hand-ins.
  • Use the template and hand-in a single .pdf file and nothing but a single .pdf file. If you don’t know how to use LaTeX, copy the info from the template to your tool. Of course, still submit only a single .pdf file. Also, take some time to learn LaTeX soon. You will find it worth your while.